Proper Sit-Up Technique Everyone Should Try

Proper Sit-Up TechniquesEveryone who wants to have smaller tummies and tighter abs needs to know the proper sit-up technique everyone should try. Some people even aim for those two rows of three very well defined abdominal muscles known as a ‘six-pack’. This can be achieved by regularly doing sit-up abdominal exercises. This may seem like something that’s easy to do. However, it is important to know that sit-ups, when not done properly can cause permanent back and spinal injury.

Knowing the proper position and correct sit-up technique is important for anyone who wants to attempt doing sit-ups. This knowledge is especially important for those who only do exercises at home without the proper guidance of a certified exercise trainer.

The Safe Way to Perform Sit-Ups and Crunches

There are many types of sit-up techniques such as floor crunches and torso twisting. These techniques target specific areas of the abdominal muscles. However, one needs to be familiar with the basic sit-up position first before applying any more advanced techniques.

For basic sit-ups, lie back on a floor on top of a mat. The back should be flat on the mat in a comfortable position. The head, neck and shoulders should be aligned straight and relaxed. The knees should be bent with both feet flat on the floor. The hips and shoulders should lie on the floor in its natural curved and not completely flat. The chin should be away from the chest in order to avoid restricted breathing.

Place the hands at the base of the neck and head to provide a steady support. The neck should be straight at all times. When doing the actual movement of the sit-up, it is important to remember that the goal is to bring together the sternum and the pelvic cavity using the stomach muscles. This means raising the upper body to at least 30 degrees upward but no more than that. Some people tend to go all the way, hugging their chest to the legs but this can be very dangerous for the back muscles. When it comes to breathing, the proper way is to exhale when sitting up and to inhale when the body is down and relaxed.

Most Common Mistake People Make When Doing Sit-Ups

Using the strength of the hands and arms behind the head to pull oneself up in a sitting position is one of the most common mistakes people make when doing this exercise. This can cause damaging back problems by putting a strain on the spine. This also puts the emphasis on the arms instead of the abdominal muscles, which should be the target of the exercise in the first place.

Benefits of Doing Regular Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are not just for those who want to have a six-pack. Sit-ups are an exercise that can be done by anyone in order to keep their stomach flat, strengthen their core muscles and maintain correct posture. They are a very convenient exercise that can be done even while watching television. Sit-ups performed at least 3 to 4 times a week in sets of three to five repetitions should see results after several weeks.

Remember sit-up safe, and use the proper sit-up technique everyone should try.

US Army Sit-Up Technique Video

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