Developing your Abs and Obliques with an Exercise Ball

Develop Your Abs & Obliques With An Exercise Ball

Incorporating an exercise ball into your core training regimen will significantly develop your strength and coordination while also adding a little variety and fun to your workouts. An exercise ball, which perhaps you know better as a swiss ball, physioball or balance ball, adds an element of instability to your exercises. Instead of performing movements […]

Using Medicine Balls in Your Ab Workout

Medicine Ball Exercises

The medicine ball has been used in physical training for over 3,000 years because of its ability to assist in the development of strength, coordination and balance. Incorporating medicine balls is a good way for beginners who are looking to build a strength base, but it’s also beneficial for those more physically advanced because they […]

Leg Workout – Building Strength and Power

Ultimate Leg Workouts

Below is a leg workout focused on increasing muscular strength and power that will also help improve your mobility, increase your balance, and decrease your risk of injury. Plus, there’s the benefit that most are interested in, which is to develop muscular size or tone. The major muscle groups in the lower body include the […]