Proper Sit-Up Technique Everyone Should Try

Great Sit-Up Form for Workouts

Everyone who wants to have smaller tummies and tighter abs needs to know the proper sit-up technique everyone should try. Some people even aim for those two rows of three very well defined abdominal muscles known as a ‘six-pack’. This can be achieved by regularly doing sit-up abdominal exercises. This may seem like something that’s […]

Developing your Abs and Obliques with an Exercise Ball

Develop Your Abs & Obliques With An Exercise Ball

Incorporating an exercise ball into your core training regimen will significantly develop your strength and coordination while also adding a little variety and fun to your workouts. An exercise ball, which perhaps you know better as a swiss ball, physioball or balance ball, adds an element of instability to your exercises. Instead of performing movements […]

Are Sit-Ups Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy, Sit-Ups & Ab Exercises

Today, many women want to preserve physical and mental wellness even during pregnancy by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. This can be done by keeping up with an exercise routine. However, since you are now pregnant, it is advised to modify the type of exercises you engage in order to accommodate the wellbeing and […]

Ways to Increase the Difficulty of Your Sit-Up Workouts

Sit-Up Fitness For Your Core

For your sit-up workouts to be effective, they must be of an adequate intensity and volume to overload your abdominal muscle fibers. As you build strength and tone, it’s important that you progressively increase the difficulty of your training sessions. If you were to perform the same abdominal workout over and over, eventually you will […]

Cardio and Strength Training on the Same Day

Cardio Workouts Improve Health & Reduce Risk

Both cardiovascular activity and strength training are essential components to a comprehensive exercise program. Cardio develops the heart and respiratory system, decreases risks of heart disease and diabetes and effectively burns calories to support a healthy body fat percentage. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that everyone get at least 150 minutes of […]

Using Medicine Balls in Your Ab Workout

Medicine Ball Exercises

The medicine ball has been used in physical training for over 3,000 years because of its ability to assist in the development of strength, coordination and balance. Incorporating medicine balls is a good way for beginners who are looking to build a strength base, but it’s also beneficial for those more physically advanced because they […]

Leg Workout – Building Strength and Power

Ultimate Leg Workouts

Below is a leg workout focused on increasing muscular strength and power that will also help improve your mobility, increase your balance, and decrease your risk of injury. Plus, there’s the benefit that most are interested in, which is to develop muscular size or tone. The major muscle groups in the lower body include the […]

How Many Calories Should I Consume Everyday to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss & Caloric Intake

If you’re looking to lose weight and lower your body fat, even more important to your success than participating in consistent exercise is to follow a healthy nutritional plan. You lose fat whenever you create a caloric deficit in your body by consuming fewer calories than you burn. Therefore, a comprehensive weight loss plan is […]

Getting the Most Out of the Front Plank

Front Planks - Ab Workouts

The plank is an incredibly popular and effective exercise for developing strength in your abdominals and core. According to the American Council on Exercise, it primarily engages your rectus abdominus, which is the major abdominal muscle, as well as your transverse abdominus and your erector spinae. However, an array of muscles around your shoulders are […]

Weightlifting Tips – Best Ways To Gain Muscle

Weightlifting Tips To Build Muscle

Both men and women can build significant muscle mass with weightlifting. The best ways to gain muscle and how much muscle you’re able to put on depends on a number of factors. These factors include not only the volume of your training, but also on things you’re unable to control like genetics, body type and […]

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Sit-Ups

Maximizing Sit-Ups Effectiveness

Developing strength and endurance in your abdominal muscles offers an array of benefits. Some may be most interested in the aesthetic opportunities that come from a consistent abdominal training program, but beyond the potential for a “six-pack,” adequate strength in the abdominals also helps improve your posture and decreases your risk of lower back pain. […]

Is It OK To Do Sit-Ups Everyday?

Is it ok to do sit-ups everyda

Having aspirations to do sit-ups everyday is a great attitude to have, as it requires dedication and long-term consistency to bring about true fitness and health benefits. However, you don’t want to add an abdominal workout to your daily to-do list, as performing sit-ups too frequently is not beneficial and will actually adversely affect your […]

How Many Sit-Ups Should I Do?

Couple Doing Sit-Ups Together

Many people wonder how many sit-ups they should do in order to maximize the effect of their workout. In order to figure out how many sit-ups are necessary there are a few things we must understand about the exercise itself. Sit-ups, if done correctly, are effective at developing strength and tone in your abdominal muscles. […]

Full Sit-Ups vs Crunches

Deciphering Benefits of Sit-ups over Crunches

Full sit-ups are used by both the United States military and the American public school system to measure muscular endurance in the abdominals. However, a closer look at the exercise and you’ll see that you may want to incorporate other core exercises if you’re primary focus is to isolate and build definition in your abdominals. […]

Best Ab Workouts – Beyond Sit-Ups

Great Ab Exercises Beyond The Sit-Up

Sit-ups and crunches are typically considered among the best ab workouts as they are most effective at targeting your abdominal muscles. Your “six-pack” muscle, or rectus abdominis, is recruited as you lie on your back and curl forward at the waist. Because the sit-up and crunch isolate your abdominal muscles, they’re a quality exercise choice […]