Yes4All Dual Ab Wheel

Yes4All Dual Ab Wheel
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Product Description


Yes4all ab wheels are simple yet innovative to strengthen and tone your upper and lower abs, arms, back, and entire core. Instead of targeting individual body parts, this versatile roller will force groups of muscles to contract and work together. It then will keep your core tight, build a fantastic body shape, and maintain your form.


Unlike other wheels, requiring users to apply more energy on handles to maintain the balance due to one-wheel construction, Yes4All offers you a two-wheel tool. Two sturdy non-skid plastic wheels joined in a solid steel bar provide an optimal stability for smooth and controllable movement. The contoured handles are textured for the superior comfort and ultimate flexibility.


Simply grab the handles, and glide the wheels back and forth across the floor. First, support your weight on your knees and the handles while keeping your head and back in line. Roll the wheels straight out away from your knees and always maintain your back straight during practice. When reaching the maximum distance, retract the movement back to the starting point. These exercises will rock every major upper body muscle group to help you gain a toned abdominal.


Material: plastic wheels with steel bar
Dimensions: wheels (7.3-inche diameter); bar (9.7-inche length)
Colors: red, blue, black, and classic black
Weight: 1.3 lbs

Note: Keep your back straight during practice to avoid potential back injuries. Do not roll out further than your strength allows. This exercise is not advised for people with lower back problems or hernias.

Product Details

  • Dual wheels for greater stability
  • Color: Blue/White or Black/White (your choice) – Comfortable handles
  • Assembles in less than 1 minutes. Shipping weight is 2 lbs. Ship same or next business day! Always!
  • For special Jump Rope price, check ASIN # B00DFXV3E6
  • For special Push Up price, check ASIN # B005GAOZBE

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